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    A Christmas Story: The Tree

    Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Much as I love decorating for Christmas, there is a bittersweet feeling to it. Isn't the season too short? Perhpas it's a silly thing to say, but with the decorations hitting the shelves as early as September, it feels like we should be able to enjoy this time of year a little while longer. Tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Regardless, preparing to make Him room and making our home festive is most definitely my favorite time of year. I try to get everyone involved one way or another. As I'm a big believer in celebrating one holiday at a time, we wait until the day after Thanksgiving before asking Husband and Daddy to drag our tree in from the garage. Then the decorating begins!

    Friends, welcome to this year's Christmas Story.


    I'd like to talk about our tree for a moment. It's not real, it's pre-lit, and since some of us have pretty bad allergies, it's the best option for us. It doesn't have the fragrance or depth of a real one, but each year as it gets dragged out, I can't help but smile. We love our Costco tree. With everyone's help it always comes to be a meaningful symbol of that year's Christmas~something that simply cannot be manufactured.


    There's a perfect little corner in our living area where we place it each year. As it is the heart of our home it's only fitting that it have a special place. It's interesting to note that despite the corner placement, somehow it becomes the centerpiece in the room. It could be the glistening golds and coppers from the ornaments, some of which reflect our Southern roots; a fleur de lis here, a french horn and trumpet there.


    It could be the glow the little twinkle lights provide. There is a welcoming, gentle warmth to the tree that beckons everyone to sit a little closer. Each evening as my son sneaks behind the chairs to switch on the lights, we all wait with our breath held. It never gets old, seeing the lights come on for the first time. Granted, another part of it stems from the fact that the scallywag always comes close to knocking over one of the floor lamps. But then the lights come on, and something comes over us all. We relax and enjoy the glow.


    We also enjoy the beautifully wrapped presents! Just don't look to me for the "perfect bow" tutorial. My mother is the artist. She could probably do them in her sleep!


    But what I love most about our Christmas tree is the wonderment it always bring out in my children. They're 8 years apart, 5 & 13, but they have this reaction to it; it's amazing, the innocent curiosity and expectation of what's to come. Even my 13 year old who I suspect has been in the know for quite a while seems to still have a giddy reaction to this time of year. She may do it for her little brother, but in my heart I hope she just loves the magic of Christmastime that much. Both children fiddle with the ornaments, speculate over who will get the most presents, and spend a good amount of time examining said gifts-some more than others. Ahem. Son, I'm looking at you.

    I suppose since it's the first thing that goes up every year, it's the one that means to most to our family. Hang a wreath, tack up your stockings, and deck your halls~they're all great for decorating your home. But for us, it's the Christmas tree that really makes it feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

    Well, there is ONE more thing. I suppose you could call it the reason for the season...but you'll have to come back on Friday to hear more about that!

    Have a lovely day, all, and enjoy rocking around your own Christmas tree.

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    A Christmas Story: The Tree

    Ruth said...

    The tree is always beautiful.