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    2014 Wishes

    Monday, January 20, 2014


    I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions. Most I should be doing anyway: working out more, eating more organics, getting more sleep, exercising more patience, etcetera, etcetera. The theme seems to be doing "more", and honestly, I feel as if I'm already doing a lot. It's a drudge to figure out what to work on, so why start off the new year with a weight on my shoulders? I've decided to take a different approach in 2014. This year I'm making a wish list. They can be fun and fulfilling. They can inspire personal growth and be perfectly frivolous. I've made a list of fifty things I want to accomplish and enjoy during this next year, and along the way try and document it. Won't it be fun to see how many wishes come true?

    The Wishes

    1. Sing in public
    2. Mountain hiking
    3. Have drinks at the Polo Lounge
    4. Run a race
    5. Attend a concert
    6. Enjoy a night at the Four Seasons
    7. Get mani/pedi's more often
    8. Speak more freely
    9. Do something that terrifies me
    10. Dance in the rain
    11. Say "no" more frequently
    12. Enjoy moments of silence
    13. No phones during meals
    14. Hold my husband's hand more
    15. Spend the weekend away with my daughter
    16. Dine al fresco
    17. Take my son to Travel Town
    18. Travel outside of L.A.
    19. No personal shopping for one month
    20. Rock climb
    21. Shop at local farmer's markets
    22. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market
    23. Go to Comic Con
    24. Get a picture with a celebrity
    25. Write more letters
    26. Drink more champagne
    27. Dance
    28. Attend a black-tie event
    29. Practice the piano
    30. Take refresher French lessons
    31. Indulge in a bold lipstick
    32. Swim in the ocean
    33. Picnic in the park
    34. Visit a winery
    35. Clean less, play more
    36. Get rid of mis-matched sheets
    37. Learn to braise properly
    38. Clean out the grill
    39. Buy patio furniture
    40. Drink more water
    41. Laugh often
    42. Get a daring hair cut
    43. Pray more
    44. Learn to let go
    45. Go sky diving
    46. Visit a comedy club
    47. Spend a day on Rodeo Drive
    48. Grab a breakfast sandwhich from Egg Slut
    49. Read more Faulkner
    50. Paint with my children

    4 Responses to “
    2014 Wishes

    Heather said...

    That is a great list! Good luck on getting to cross those things off your list!

    Ruth said...

    Doesn't sky diving & something terrifying go together? And where is wishing to see me? ha!
    love ya

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    Thank you! I hope all 50 are crossed off. Enjoy your weekend.



    Elizabeth Quon said...


    Indeed they do, but I think the terrifying one may be in regards to going on the roller coasters with Madeline at Disney World. I hope we see each other this year as well. Love you...