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    Bake Sale

    Sunday, January 19, 2014


    Every month the scallywag's school holds a bake sale. Going grade by grade, each is responsible for providing an assortment of sweet, sometimes wholesome treats that can be purchased for a dollar. I love the feelings of nostalgia that come along with these events. The memories of purchasing a sitcky, chocolate frosted cupcake with a quarter are very fond ones. Times have changed, and so have the prices of those cupcakes, but my son shares my excitement for bake sale days. He loves carrying a crumpled dollar bill in his pocket throughout the day, the thrill of picking out a treat, and he thinks it's very grown up that he gets to pay for it. But the best part is the moment he can sit down with a friend or two and take that first bite. The joy! The amazement! The rapture! The reactions are both priceless and precious. I love images like these, because one day, when I think back to my son's Kindergarten year, my heart won't warm with the thoughts of when I could buy a goodie for a quarter. It will be the very sweet ones of my little boy that make me smile most.




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    Bake Sale

    Ruth said...

    I loved bake sale days too. Glad little man is getting to enjoy it too.

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    I am thrilled to see a return to simple pleasures. Bake sales are fun and delicious-for everyone!