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    It's Carnival Time!

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014


    Every January 6th brings a magical change to our home. 12th Night, or the Epiphany, marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras season, and as a girl born and raised in New Orleans, it's a very special time of year. Our Christmas golds, reds, and greens are traded out for the majestic purples, greens, and golds. Jazz music is played with more frequency, King Cakes begin to make their debut's, and if you catch us at the right time you just may find us dancing a Second Line around our home.


    It's true that I haven't lived at home in many years, but the spirit of the city is deeply rooted within my soul. Traditions that my parents introduced me to have been carried down to my children, and hopefully, the appreciation for them has been as well. We all anticipate the arrival of our first King Cake from Haydel's and the sweetness of the icing and sugars as they melt on our tongues. There aren't many foods that inspire such happiness.


    We don't go overboard with our decorations, but we do incorporate the essentials of what makes Mardi Gras so fun. The masks, beads, and wild accessories are playful touches that really get the children excited. All right, the adults get really excited, too. We've been very blessed to have family and friends at home continue to feed our enthusiasm every year.


    Now that the children are almost 14 & 6 I think next year may be the one to see our return during Mardi Gras. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with family, friends, and all of New Orleans.

    Who's with me?

    3 Responses to “
    It's Carnival Time!

    Ruth said...

    I am with you! It is about time we spend Mardi Gras together.
    And now the king cake craving is back. I might have to break down and order one.

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    This is excelent! You and I will have to have a girls night out when we arrive. I think we're going to try and make our own King Cake this weekend. Cross your fingers it turns out well!

    Love you,


    Ruth said...

    That sounds amazing!! Let me know how the king cake goes