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    Let's Talk Art

    Tuesday, January 28, 2014


    When it comes to your home, art is one of the more personal items you choose to display. Furniture speaks to your taste and style, but art reveals a little bit about who you are. Sometimes I laugh at what ours must say about us! We've amassed a nice little collection of pieces during our 14 years of marriage and they are either very traditional or very modern; Yin and Yang. Pen & inks, acryllics, oils, pastorals~we have them all. It does present a bit of a challenge when trying to hang them in a new home, but I accept it with a smile and a healthy glass of wine.

    Some of the pieces I like more than others. The abstracts from Hong Kong are a reminder of past travels, while the Audubon's always remind me of home. But my absolute favorites are each and every one of my mother's pen & inks. She's a true Renaissance woman, which means her art ebbs and flows into different mediums. In our bedroom I finally hung 9 of her Carnival character sketches. The detail is breathtaking and seeing them so often really warms my heart.

    I've had friends ask how to collect art, and though it seems fairly obvious, I'll tell you what I've told them: buy what you love. If you love a print from Posters.com, go for it. If there's a piece at Home Goods that completely steals your heart, bring it home. Frame a seating chart, your child's painting from school, street art from a vacation, a collection of letters that hold meaning to you. Art doesn't have to cost a fortune and it doesn't have to be the conventional definition of "art" either. That's what makes it so unique to the person putting it on display.

    It's also part of what makes art so beautiful. Do you have a favorite piece in your home?