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    Sometimes A Girl Needs...

    Saturday, January 25, 2014


    A pot of tea.

    This past school week was abbreviated due to a holiday and planning day for teachers. For my son, it wasn't a big deal, but since it's quarter end it meant benchmark exams, papers, and quizzes for my daughter. It seemed like every teacher crammed all they could into the three day school week. Last weekend was spent studying, the week days were spent studying. Without a doubt, little free time was to be had. Madeline handles pressure beautifully, and sailed through the past week with admirable dedication. But sometimes a little something extra is necessary to power through. It's in these times we count on the soothing power of tea. While Jackson played, I prepared a full pot and served my daughter as she studied. Her smile was one of delight and relief. She took a few moments to sit with me and talk quietly, both of us enjoying the break. Soon enough she went back to studying with a second cup, but the brief repose had done it's job; Madeline returned to her studies with renewed energy.

    Since I'm sure you're wondering about the outcome of her intense week of studying, I'm happy to report that Madeline's grades were posted and she scored top marks on each test and assignment. Her pride has been evident, and even though my Husband and I were thrilled for her, it couldn't top the joy she found in her well-earned success.

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    Sometimes A Girl Needs...

    Heather said...

    Good job M! I remember hearing about you and her going out for tea when she was little in TN. The tradition of tea lives on.

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Heather, it's a lovely tradition we share and I hope it continues for a long time! So good to hear from you. My best to you all.