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    Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    While Southern California certainly isn't experienceing the same freezing temperatures as most of the country, our mornings and evenings are still very cold. You can't help but crave warm,comforting meals. In our home that usually means a soup or stew of some sort. Most of our receipes are a little involved, which is fine, but there are some evenings when time isn't on our side. We want a delicious soup, but we don't have those several hours for the low and slow process. This is my go-to for a relatively quick, hearty, and savory meal for my family.


    This soup is a little more complex than it sounds. Not complex as in difficult, just in flavor. The kicker? All the ingredients come ready to go from Trader Joe's. You should know I'm not receiving anything for this endorsement, but considering how simple and delicious this soup is, I'm happy to sing their praises for free.


    You'll need 3 items to make this soup. One box of tomato and roasted red pepper soup, one bag of the multigrain blend vegetables from the frozen food section, and a package of Trader Joe's fully cooked uncured bacon. You'll cook the bacon first. Prepare the bacon as you would normally on your stove top. I usually use 10 pieces. Just remember that it's already fully cooked so you'll be done in less than five minutes; it cooks very fast. Put the bacon aside on paper towels and pour your soup into a pot on medium-high. Cook until it's simmering then add 1/2 to 2/3 of your multigrain blend. No need to defrost beforehand. After you've added your multigrain blend, take most of your bacon and give it a rough chop or break it into pieces. You'll add most of your bacon to the soup once it's bubbling again. Give it a good stir to mix your ingredients well, then serve.


    You can put all of your bacon into the soup. As a family of bacon lovers, each would agree the more the better. But I like to enjoy a sprinkle on top and maybe an unbroken piece for dipping.

    I just hope y'all give this recipe a try. We enjoyed it last night as we were in a crunch, and it filled us up nicely. It was tasty, warm, and best of all, pretty healthy.

    Do you have any meals you turn to when you're in a rush?