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    Spreading the Love

    Friday, February 21, 2014


    Every Valentine's Day I enjoy doing a little something for family and friends. A love note, a book by a favorite author. Keeping it simple and personal is my formula to keeping our day of love low-key and stress-free. There seems to be a lot of pressure associated with Valentine's these days. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, expectations have, at times, risen to unrealistic heights.

    We do our best to keep our celebrations small, yet meaningful. This year we opened our hearts and home to friends, and spent a part of the afternoon visiting. It wasn't anything fancy; a little cookie decorating and play for the children, wine and coffee for the adults. Ok, even the adults had fun with the cookies. We spent a nice Friday afternoon togther, enjoying the special company.

    There's nothing more wonderful than getting to spend time with the people you hold closest in your heart and seeing their happiness. It's pretty magical. I think that's what I get from Valentine's, and what we try to share with others: happiness. It perpetuates something within and gives and gives.


    It's been a week now, but I still get that pleasent feeling inside when I think back on last Friday. The flowers and cards were lovely and appreciated. But sharing in the joy of family and friends? It's a priceless gift to be enjoyed year round.