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    Tuesday, March 25, 2014


    Yesterday Madeline registered for her High School classes. Be still my heart.

    We've been discussing summer school for a while; trying to decide which class she could take to get a few credits out of the way. Her Freshman curriculum, on the other hand, we had little information on until it was released last week. Mandatory classes aside, the biggest discussion revolved around her electives. There were quite a few options, and after weighing the pro's and con's with her Father, she ultimately chose some very challenging classes. Challenging, yet rewarding. Never let it be said that my daughter shy's away from anything. She's very excited by her selections: Chinese I, Intro to Personal Finance, and Computer Programming. I'm a little amazed by her fearlessness. Goodness knows I'd never make it in those classes.

    I love seeing Madeline flourish. She's been slowly blossoming from a bright child into an even brighter young woman. She has a quiet confidence, accepting the unknown with a certain grace that is well beyond her years. She's always been a little bit of a mini-adult, but I'm glad she finds the fun in her education and in the high school years ahead. Football and lacrosse games, dances, classes...she is growing more excited as the months slip by. She's already planning for Summer conditioning for cross country in the Fall. Following one of her passions into a bigger arena is something Madeline has been waiting for, and knowing her, she'll do brilliantly at everything she's chosen to be a part of next year.

    Until we're there, however, I'll hold onto her last picture as an 8th grader at the Great Race. For a few more months, she's still my middle schooler.


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    All About Class

    Katie @ Team Skelley said...

    Ahh, she is not supposed to be so grown up!

    But I really like that she is taking personal finance. I think all teens should be taking such a class.

    Such a lovely girl, inside and out.

    Ruth said...

    She amazes me each day. I can't believe what a lady she is becoming. I miss the sweet baby who would nap with her head on my chest.