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    Shades of Fourteen

    Monday, April 21, 2014


    Our Spring Break is not going exactly as planned. Jackson developed pneumonia in both lungs, so our trip to Disney, one that had been planned for well over a year by my parents, was cancelled. Madeline was able to go and we encouraged her to have the time of her life. She is, the scallywag is on the road to recovery, and while we weren't able to celebrate Easter as a family, I have enjoyed some time with my two favorite men. I've also had the time to sit down and write a bit.

    Madeline celebrated her birthday a little over a week ago. Fourteen. It's a big year for her: graduating to High School, encountering her first challenges in the classroom, baby-sitting, dances, travelling across the country independantly. Fourteen. My sweetest, most lovely gentle-hearted girl is growing up so fast, and so beautifully. She is changing in many ways and in others, remaining constant. One thing that has always been steadfast is her love of the color blue. I figured since she enjoyed it so much, the pretty and frivolous parts of our celebrations would be wrapped up in different shades of her favorite hue.




    Thanks to Paper Source, she was tickled blue! I was able to pick out exactly what was needed, and threw in a few touches of cream and gold to keep things fun.

    April 12th was a wonderful day spent celebrating a wonderful young lady. Her birthday celebrations continued with a very special cake and planning for a "film"tastic birthday party. I'll be happy to share more with you later this week. Until then, here's a little sneak peak of what's to come:


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    Shades of Fourteen

    Lynda Pringle said...

    I am absolutely sure that Madeline's birthday was a resounding success! Blue is such a soothing color. She picked a wise one. :-) Your decorative touches, as usual, are talented and I am sure that Madeline was quite quite pleased. Turning 14 is a milestone but I know that the gentle Madeline will not cause you a moment's trouble during her adolescence.

    I am so sorry that the Scallywag has pneumonia and hope he feels better soon. But I'm also happy that Madeline had a chance to enjoy herself at Disney.

    Take care and give my love to your family!

    Ruth said...

    I know it was a wonderful day. Though I do not feel we are old enough to have a 14 year old in our lives. Her gift will arrive shortly as I finally found it.