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    The Cronut

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014


    The cronut craze has been sweeping the globe for well over a year, and it's taken almost as long for it to reach our little neck of the woods in Southern California. If I'm going to enjoy something sweet, it tends to be chocolate, but I was intruigued when my husband started effusing over a "donut that was made more like a croissant". Then his co-workers began singing its praises. It was enough to send me out into a chilly early morning to our local donut shop and pick up two.


    Much as I wanted to dive right in, the flaky layers on the exterior held my attention. Maybe it's a little silly how gobsmacked I was, but it was such a pretty looking pastry. So lovely you could almost taste it by sight alone. But after a little poetic waxing it was time to take a bite.


    I'll be honest, the mixture of sweet icing along with the buttery layers was wonderful. But the way I enjoyed it most was by eating it from the bottom up; layer by flaky layer. It delayed the inevetability of an empty plate just a little longer.


    Do you see how gorgeous and airy it is?



    Chocolates may still be my favorite way to indulge in sweet things, but a cronut? A delicious deviance.