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    Etiquette: Neighbors & Outdoor Parties

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014


    One of the things we had to consider when hosting Madeline's outdoor movie night were our neighbors. Since the gathering would host roughly 15 teenage girls until 10 PM on a Saturday night, as a courtesy, my husband and I thought we would reach out to those closest to our home. It would have been nice to stop by and introduce myself in person (though who knew how many times I'd have to swing by if they weren't home). A generic typed out note stuffed in their mailbox would have been fine as well. But this time I worried they'd throw it out thinking it was a junk flyer. Ultimately, being born and raised Southern, I felt the best way to inform our neighbors of the party was with a hand written letter. And I think though each was different, all were friendly. Here is an example of what I wrote:

    Good morning!

    Our names are Shannon & Elizabeth Quon, your neighbors from accross the street. Our 14 year old is hosting her birthday party tonight from 6-10 PM, and we wanted to let you know things may get a little loud. We've rented an outdoor movie theatre and the girls will be watching "The Goonies" in the later half of the evening. We'll have lots of delicious goodies to snack on (including wine for the adults), so feel free to stop by to introduce yourselves~we'd love to meet you! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    Shannon & Elizabeth
    Your neighbors at (address)

    We had no complaints Saturday evening, and this morning I even got a smile and wave from one of said neighbors. I'd say we took the right route for getting in touch! It took a little extra time, but in the end, it was worth the effort. As my mother is fond of saying, sometimes a little goes a long way.

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    Etiquette: Neighbors & Outdoor Parties

    KatiePerk said...

    Such a nice gesture!

    Gramspearls said...

    That was a lovely gesture. I thought the same way when we were having some tree work and a new roof installed last year. I decided to write a note to all the neighbors, who's property borders ours, to let them know our plans (and noise). Since then, they have all started to do the same.....I think perhaps good manners are catching.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    Elizabeth P said...

    Great idea! You can take the girl out of the south, but not the south of the girl!

    Linda said...

    Did anyone take you up on your offer and stop by? I hope so. Very nice idea.

    Linda said...

    Did anyone take you up on your offer and stop by? I hope so. Very nice idea.

    Ruth said...

    Did anyone end up stopping by?