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    Graduation Dress Sneak Peaks

    Monday, May 12, 2014


    Madeline's normal reaction to any sort of clothes shopping excursion looks a little something like this: amused exasperation. If you weren't already aware, scouring the mall is not her idea of a good time. She's my child in so many ways, but in this one...not so much. Her tastes run simple, tailored, classic. This is ideal as it means we rarely have to venture out to any shopping centers. But Graduation calls for a little something special: a dress for the dance and one for the actual graduation ceremony. New dress shoes. Below are a few glimpses of Madeline as she tried on her chosen two. I'll confess my heart skipped more than one beat; she looked so incredibly beautiful and grown up. And if you look hard enough, you'll see her enjoying herself~even when trying on her first pair of wedges. I do believe she got caught up in the spirit of the occasion!








    Five more weeks until we have a High Schooler in the house! Thank you Middle School~you have been tremendously wonderful to us all!

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    Graduation Dress Sneak Peaks

    Ruth said...

    Wow! She does look so grown up. And I didn't realize they did 8th grade graduation. I had a total of 3 in my lifetime.

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Doesn't she, Ruth? Is 8th grad graduation not a thing in Alabama? Typically there's one from K to First, 4th to 5th, 8th to 9th, and obviously Senior year-which we are only four years away from. Oh, there goes my heart again....in any case, I think the 4th to 5th is no longer done at most schools, but this time of promotion is so busy and fun! We love you and hope to have you out here this Fall.

    KatiePerk said...

    Beautiful selections!