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    A Day for Father & Son

    Monday, June 16, 2014


    Six years ago on June 15th, my tiny miracle, Jackson, was born. It happened to fall on Father's Day, and at the time we joked no gift could possibly top his arrival into our lives. Fast forward to this weekend, and once again his birthday has coincided with Father's Day.


    We kept things simple: morning coffee and present opening. After the pace of the past two weeks it was exactly what we needed. There was some time spent lounging about, then we dressed and headed to Glendale and The Americana. If you've never been, The Americana is a beautiful outdoor shopping area with an abundance of trees, fountains, and fantastic food. It was a gorgeous day~which made the outing even more appealing.


    More than anything, Shannon wanted to have a meal at Din Tai Fung. A restaurant featuring the most delightful authentic Chinese cuisine, it takes us all back to our time in Tokyo. I know, Chinese food in Japan? It sounds silly, but the food is amazing! From the pork soup dumplings to the steamed kale and garlic broccoli, everything is fresh and well-made. We usually reserve Din Tai Fung for special occasions, but could there be anything more special than celebrating both husband and son?


    As you can see, Jackson is fairly proficient at using chopsticks. He loves the opportunity to twirl his pan fried noodles and pork chops on them. It's a little messy, but he'll get better as he gets older. Plus, it's really cute to see his little hands manipulate the chopsticks.

    I'm so glad that both of my boys had a beautiful day to celebrate together. That we were all together, in good health, and in great spirits made the day all the more perfect. Stay tuned for Jackson's birthday party, the last day of school, and a little sprucing around the home.


    Happy Birthday, Jackson, and Happy Father's Day, Shannon. We're so happy you enjoyed your big day with one another. We love you so!

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    A Day for Father & Son

    Ruth said...

    I am glad they both had such a special day b