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    A Sixth Birthday Celebration

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014


    Six is such a sweet, tender age. Jackson is funny, kind-hearted, and always ready for a big hug. His laugh is positively infectious! That said, this age also comes with its share of challenges. We quickly learned during Madeline's younger years that sometimes there were issues with hosting birthday parties at home. When they're much younger, and even older, home parties are pretty easy. But there is something about the inbetween years of 4-6 that necessitate a party where the children can run free and and let loose.


    I was very thankful for the California Cartwheel Center. One of Jackson's friends hosted her birthday party there and after, it was all he could talk about. A place where the children could run, climb, and jump to their hearts content? Check! A party where you could relax and enjoy watching your child while someone else ran the event? Check! Even the price was right. This past weekend Jackson hosted a group of his friends from school, and a great time was had by all. It was a birthday he will always remember.








    Though there wasn't much decorating to be done, the birthday boy (who loves Star Wars) requested cupcakes with icing the color of lightsabers and gift bags in shades of Sith Lords. My son certainly knows what he likes and I was happy to oblige.




    Did I mention the icing colored everyones lips, teeth, and tounges? The kids loved it, and this happy accident took the end of the party to a whole new level of fun. Everyone took great pride in making faces at one another and seeing who could out-silly the other.


    You would think this would've been Jackson's favorite moment of the party, but that honor went to the harness flying! As the birthday boy, he was able to jump and fly as high as he wanted for a few minutes. You would have thought he died and went to heaven. That is every little Jedi's dream.





    At the end of his party, Jackson met each of his guests by the exit and passed out little red and black bags filled with thank you gifts. A ring-pop, a click-clacker, a whistle, and a can of silly string filled each bag. We love our silly string, and clearly, so do the children.


    Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our sweet son. You're all such good friends and family to him and to us. We appreciate it more than you could know. Happy summer, friends! We'll see you at the splash pad.


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    A Sixth Birthday Celebration

    Brynn said...

    Such a sweet party for such a sweet boy!

    Ruth said...

    It looks like a blast. I don't know what picture is my favorite.