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    Just Dance

    Saturday, June 7, 2014


    As graduation day nears for Madeline and her friends, classes are pretty much over and their last remnaing days are now filled with fun activities. Last night they celebrated with their graduation dance. I've always been thankful that my daughter has made friends easily, but that she has such lovely girls to call confidants makes my heart happy. They're all so beautiful and sweet.




    Madeline enjoys playing hostess (where does she get it from?), and last night was no exception. Several of her friends were able to come over and spend a little time at our home before heading to their final Middle School dance. I felt badly as we were down to one car for the evening, and she couldn't invite everyone in her circle. Thankfully, the girls were understanding.



    Once everyone was at the dance, their large group was able to meet up. And throughout the evening and this morning I was able to catch up on their fun night. It looks like they had the most fun.


    My heart is a little all over the place with my daughter's transition to High School, but I love seeing her contentment. There isn't anything more a parent wants for their child than happiness and security in their life. It makes us all glad she has both, that she can share in it with such great friends.

    The next week is going to be very busy as graduation day approaches, so to take a moment and pause, to enjoy this time, Madeline, my mother, and I are heading to Beverly Hills for tea this afternoon. I appreciate that you've all followed her various transitions in life and offered such kind words and support. Thank you so much. I look forward to sharing so much more in the years ahead.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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    Just Dance

    Lynda Pringle said...

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics of Madeline and her friends with us. They all look so happy with sparkling eyes looking forward to the dance (and to the future). You've raised a beautiful, disciplined, kind and friendly young woman and both you and Shannon should take pride in that. I hope they all had a great time at the dance.

    Lynda Pringle said...

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures of Madeline and her friends. They all look so happy with their sparkling eyes looking forward to the dance (and to the future). I am happy that she is well beloved and popular with her friends. You and Shannon have raised a kind, empathetic, disciplined and precious daughter. You should be proud of yourselves. I hope Madeline and her friends have a good time at the dance.

    Kyle Benefield said...

    Madeline is stunning.

    Kathleen Benefield said...

    Madeline is stunning!

    Kathleen Benefield said...

    Madeline is stunning!

    Ruth said...

    I am glad they had a wonderful time. I can't believe how grown up she looks.