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    Simple Gifts

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014


    For almost 12 years my children have been giving their teachers tokens of their thanks. For gift giving purposes in general, I like keeping things simple. Something sweet and from the heart is the mantra I've tried to teach them.


    Have we purchased gifts instead of making them? Absolutely. Many times. But I much rather the time I get to spend with my daughter and son as we create something together. They have a hand in all parts of the assembly, and once we're finished, they write notes and get to hand deliver something that they worked on from start to finish.


    Since first making them, I have had a few requests for more of the butterscotch scones. Naturally, Jackson wanted to bring some to his teachers as end of the year gifts. It was a great idea. I picked up some boxes, crinkle filler, and a pretty orange ribbon that was similar color to the butterscotch chips, then we made a batch together. He helped me assemble everything, and as we enjoyed a sample or two (or three), we wrote letters to his teachers. We slid them beneath the ribbons, gave each other high-fives, and prepared ourselves for the last day of school.


    Both teachers were delighted with the sweet treat! I'm so glad. Jackson took great pride in choosing the gift for his Kindergarten teachers. It made him happy to have a hand in all the preparations. The scones were definitely sweet, but the thought put into them was even sweeter. Onto 1st Grade and High Scool...and another year of simple gifts.