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    Hotty Toddy, Y'all!

    Friday, August 29, 2014


    There's nothing quite like the beginning of football season. I only really follow two teams, but each are very special. I love my hometown team, the New Orleans Saints. From pre-season to the playoffs, I will cheer them on until the last minute of the fourth quarter. But if I'm to be honest, it's the Ole Miss Rebels that have the stronger hold on my heart.


    Every game day we proudly don our red and blue. As you can see, Jackson has a few hand-me-down's tee's thanks to his sister, and he wears his favorite one for the first game of every season. Maybe I'm superstitious, but each time he puts it on we win our game! It certainly worked last night as we literally knocked the socks off Boise State. It was a pretty sound win~even with the rough first half.


    I'm not so much invested in the technicalities of the game; it's fun to watch, especially when you're around other Rebel fans. But I do love, and deeply miss, our tailgates in The Grove. Ole Miss is known as the best tailgating school in the country. Due to the charm of the people, the rich, Southern hospitality, and the elegance of the tents draped across the lush lawn of the oak-dappled Grove, it's no wonder we're known as the pride of the South. It's the place to be and be seen.


    I always pull out these images from Southern Living when I think of The Grove. We haven't been back in years so I don't have any current images, but if people think what you see here is an exaggeration of what goes on during game days, then you've never been to an Ole Miss game before. It really is that beautiful and the feeling you get...it's the most natural high you will ever experience. There is nothing but cheer and good spirits spilling out of one corner into another. It's pretty special!

    I can't say we'll have a perfect season, because, really, who ever does? What I can say with full confidence, though, is that our family~and all Rebel fans~are going to relish every moment of every game from beginning to the end. I hope you and yours share in that same experience!

    Hotty Toddy, y'all! Have a happy footballs season.

    2 Responses to “
    Hotty Toddy, Y'all!

    Ruth said...

    The first half was scary.
    I can't wait for the day we can hang out in The Grove together again.

    Elizabeth P said...

    SEC football is here and everyone in our family (Alabama, Auburn and Georgia fans)was soooo excited! Here's to a great season for all of our teams.