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    Running Free

    Monday, August 11, 2014


    Good morning, friends. It's been well over a month, but life has been busy. Nothing too crazy, but between a terrific family visit, camps, swim lessons, and cross country, our days have been full. I'll share over the next few days. At the moment I'm nursing a little ache in my heart.


    Madeline has gone to Mammoth Mountain to train with half of the cross country team, and I miss her. During the winter, Mammoth is a lovely ski resort town enjoyed by many a southern Californian. In the warmer months, however, it's a haven for bikers, hikers, and as I now know, long-distance runners. Over the next 5 days it will be all about high-altitude training. For those who qualified for this trip, they'll spend much of their time bonding, learning, and running.


    How could they not enjoy their daily runs while surrounded by this beauty? Look at that view! It's gorgeous. I wish I could have chaperoned.


    It was a pretty gloomy morning when Madeline met up with her teammates. I looked at them, noting how awake they were despite the early hour. Maybe they were excited for their trip to a place with cooler weather and new sights. Who could blame them? Mammoth looks like a magical place. I can hardly wait to hear all about it when Madeline returns!


    We're counting down the days until Friday. Until then, we're keeping ourselves occupied with movies, playdates, and preparing for the return to school at the end of August. Enjoy your week ahead! I'll be back to share a few things very soon.


    2 Responses to “
    Running Free

    Mimi & Didi said...

    Great opportunity-we are really proud of Mads

    Ruth said...

    It is beautiful and I am sure she had fun even with all of the training.