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    The Freshman & The First Grader

    Thursday, August 28, 2014


    School is back in session!

    After a summer that revolved around Madeline's cross country practices & trips, and Jackson's swim lessons & playdates, we are finally back in a regular routine. I'm grateful for this time of year. Much as I miss my young companions, the return to school is good for them. Reuniting with friends, expanding their minds, growing into independant people~they're all good things. I've found that it's also pretty good for me. My time at home is much more constructive. As chairwoman to Westlake Junior's huge Fall shopping event, Gingerbread Boutique, having uninterrupted time to focus on my tasks is important. While the children are at school, I can spend a few hours working on spreadsheets, catching up with vendors and other contacts. Emails can be answered without feeling pulled in too many directions. Ultimately, I can be at home taking care of whatever needs to be handled, and there is no concern that something or someone is being neglected. School gets out, and I can dedicate the rest of the day to my children.


    There is a feeling I get about the direction of the school year after the first day, and most of the time it's on point. For Madeline, our Freshman, it's going to be a year filled with tremendous personal growth. With a zero period class and cross country right after school, her days will be very, very long. She will have to adjust and relearn how to balance homework with her academic and athletic obligations. Some of her classes are going to be challengeing, but my heart tells me she will handle them beautifully. She has a wonderful support group in us, her friends, and excelent teachers and coaches. Never have I felt more excited about a school year in my life. It's nothing tangible, only a feeling, but something tells me 9th grade is going to be phenomenal!


    First Grade is shaping up to be a great year as well. Jackson is off to a good start, and that is very encouraging. Our sweet boy has faced some obstacles, but each time one has popped up, with proper guidance he has overcome them. Comparing yesterday with the first day of Kindergarten was night and day. A year ago he could hardly tell me what happened during his time at school. But yesterday, over a cup of frozen yogurt, he told me all about his day from start to finish. His enthusiasm was contagious and about made my heart burst! He was so happy to see his friends. He loves his new teacher. Carrying his Ninja Turtle backpack and comparing them with his friends made him feel very cool, and having his own desk? Nothing compared. I've heard the transition from Kindergarten to 1st is a big one, and in my opionion, the teacher your child has makes all the difference. Jackson is very blessed to have one that really nurtures the individial student, and shows them how to rise to the challenges ahead. It's going to be a big year for our boy, but it's going to be a really good one as well.


    Friends, if you can't tell, I'm very optimistic about the school year ahead. I'm very excited. But I'm also in high spirits over the very first Ole Miss football game of the season tonight! The kitchen is calling and football food needs to be made.

    Hotty Toddy, y'all!

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    The Freshman & The First Grader

    Ruth said...

    I can't believe they are hitting Ninth and first grades.