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    Oak Park Invitational

    Friday, September 12, 2014


    We may not be able to make all of Madeline's cross country meets, but when we host, you can bet that we'll be there with bells on and cameras ready. It was Oak Park's second meet, and as this course was significantly more challenging than the first, it was a great one to observe. The weather was great, spirits were high, we could hear the cheers of our girls team as we approached the park. And who was there to great us?


    Big sister and the rest of the JV girls were preparing to run their own race, and by sheer luck, we happened to be right at the starting line. We watched them warm up and do striders as the other JV girls teams readied themselves. I caught them on their way back to the starting line and took a few shots. This picture made me particularly happy. You'd think at this point the girls wouldn't be interested in taking any, but Madeline...well, there's a story. I'll get to it in a minute.


    When the race began, we waited until Madeline and a few of her friends passed before heading to another point on the course. We wanted to see the girls in action and they certainly didn't disappoint. I'm always amazed by how effortlessly they move. They're in constant motion. And gosh are these girls tough! They train for hours upon days upon weeks, and watching them run by makes it all seem like they were just born with this natural ability. Perhaps they were.


    I certainly wasn't, but watching Madeline dash by with her "in the zone" face on makes me glad that she has that "runner's gene". She finished her race with a fantastic time, and after giving some of the competing girls and friends high-five's, stopped to grab a hug from her biggest cheerleader. She wasn't even winded.


    How is it possible? I don't know. What I do know is that cross country has made Madeline very happy. It's been a great outlet, and she has met the most wonderful people. I don't know much about the boys, and I'm sure they're fantastic, but the girls? They're a tremendous support and lovely as can be. Apparantly they read the blog on occasion as well! So if you want to know the story behind the picture of the JV girls from above, it's a little thing, but cute. After completeing a few striders, Madeline caught sight of me taking pictures and called out to the team that I was there with a camera. Within moments, each girl had turned around, and as Madeline laughed about her mom's crazy picture taking habits, stopped to smile for a quick picture. They were such great sports to humor me.


    They can consider themselves part of the blog now, so I hope they enjoy it!


    Congratulations to the Oak Park Eagles on a tremendous effort at yesterday's invitational. Y'all did a marvelous job. We can't wait for your next meet!

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    Oak Park Invitational

    Ruth said...

    I love it! I love her tongue is sticking out.