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    Thursday, September 18, 2014



    Be still my heart. Will you look at that breathtaking display of joy and good humor? Yesterday was a long time coming. Madeline endured almost 3 years of braces, two oral surgeries, then had to reschedule the removal due to a cross country meet. And if you knew how her teeth started out, well, let's just say our orthodontist had a very challenging case to deal with.


    My friends, I cannot begin to explain how much excitement has followed us throughout the week. We had a countdown going, plans to keep it a secret from her Daddy. But when Madeline woke up yesterday, she said something I know we've all thought when overly anxious: it's going to take forever until the moment arrives. The moment did arrive, though, and when the orthodontist began removing her braces (a process that took under 1 minute), I began alternating between laughter and tearing up. It was a huge moment for Madeline, and one I was glad to share with her. Much as I have always loved my daughter's smile~even with braces~I was ready to see it fully revealed. We all were!


    Can you beleive the happiness in her face? More than anything, Madeline's satisfaction with the end results were what was most important, and if you can't tell, she's okay with how it all turned out. We all are. It's another passage completed on her approach to adulthood, but oh, it's a good one. Retainers are the new name of the game, and thanks to the infinite wisdom of our orthodontist, only to be worn at night. It's a trade-off we're happy to take on, and without a doubt, one Madeline will take very seriously.


    Congratulations, Madeline! Your smile is radiant as ever!

    2 Responses to “
    You're Never Fully Dressed Without a...

    Heather said...

    What a beautiful smile! Congrats!

    Ruth said...

    I am so excited they came off. I still remember how exciting it was when mine came off.