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    Freshman Homecoming

    Monday, October 20, 2014


    For Madeline, getting gussied up and wearing a fancy dress is not a much loved thing. She enjoys comfortable, casual clothes. Always has, most likely always will. But there are occasions when the spirit moves her, and it becomes this wonderous moment as she embraces the posibility of the fun ahead.


    This weekend she celebrated her first high school homecoming. I'll be frank: through no one's fault, dress shopping was very difficult. As anyone who knows me is aware, I lamented~several times~about the lack of appropriate dresses for teenagers. According to my daughter, they were all too sparkly, too ruffley, or far too short. I felt sad, and not because I disagreed; she was right. Madeline was all in, participating in the shopping, excited about Homecoming, but could not find anything that suited her. You could see her becoming less and less enthused as the weeks passed without a dress.


    Thankfully, we got lucky (five days before the big event). It fit all of Madeline's criteria: simple, modest, and most importantly, comfortable. The fact she looked stunning in it was just a bonus. Her excitement picked up once again, and as she and her friends prepared for Saturday night, I made sure she indulged in some pampering at Dry Bar. She chose "Southern Comfort" for her hair style and friends, it did not disappoint. Look at those curls. If you had called her Scarlet, she would have replied with a "Fiddle dee dee!" She took my breath away.

    I'll end here and let you see the photos of Madeline and some of her friends in all their beauty. They celebrated the first of many homecomings, and watching my daughter's nose and eyes crinkle up as they do when she's especially happy, I think the dress hunt was completely worth it.









    Happy Monday, all.

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    Freshman Homecoming

    Ruth said...

    Beautiful! I am glad she finally found a dress that made her happy. I am so glad they had so much fun.

    Lynda Pringle said...

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! Madeline looks stunning and that is a lovely, tasteful dress. I hope she had a good time at homecoming. :-)