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    Being Thankful

    Thursday, November 27, 2014


    Waking up this Thanksgiving morning, I couldn't help but reflect on our most recent participation in Meals on Wheels. Being a part of Westlake Juniors has opened many doors to serving within our community, and yesterday, along with a dear friend and our children, we served those who were homebound, and in some cases, alone for the holidays.


    It's a fairly easy thing delivering hot and cold meals to 7-8 people. But there is something both humbling and heart-warming in each stop. The gratitude from the men and women we meet is palpable. Their delight at seeing not only us, but the young faces of our little ones is genuine. They are thankful to be remembered. They are grateful to be cared for. It's a small, simple act, but the kindness goes a very long way in their days.


    You can't helped but be moved by the excitement of the children. They discuss who will carry what to the door, who will ring the doorbell. Giggles, teasing, and smiling surround the entire experience. They like being involved. And this is where it starts: the love of giving to others. It starts small, but when fostered and encouraged it can grow into something much greater.


    This is one of the reasons I am giving thanks for Westlake Juniors. I have searched for such a long time for a women's group that not only promoted leadership and service within the community, but allowed for family to participate as well. Because it is one thing to tell your children how important it is to give back, but it's another to show them, to allow them to participate. As it is with anything, you learn by doing. And I am thankful for that: that I can work side by side with friends and family to make a difference.


    I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends, as I know I will with mine.

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    Being Thankful

    Heather said...

    Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth!