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    Halloween Hijinks

    Sunday, November 2, 2014


    Happy November, y'all! Did you enjoy the last few days of October? Fall finally settled into Southern California, and with it, our traditions. We pick our pumpkins and carve them the week of Halloween, and not a moment earlier.




    It's become an accidental habit due to our busy schedules. It works, though, and really gets us into the spirit of the week! From pumpkin patching, to Halloween parades, and carving silly-scary jack-o-lanterns before going out to get some candy, we had a very fun week.

    Halloween morning couldn't have been more perfect: foggy, overcast, and chilly. You know the kind: it seeps into your bones.


    Those wearing their costumes to school had to make sure they had warm clothes on underneath...not that everyone needed it. Jackson took his duties as Michelangelo very seriously. He was jumping everywhere and chopping everything in sight. Booyakasha!!



    The elementary school was hosting their annual Halloween parade and as soon as my little Ninja Turtle was ready to roll, we headed out. From Kindergarten to 5th grade, the costumed children were buzzing with excitement. We took our spots as the classes filed out, and while songs like "The Monster Mash" played, we clapped and waved. The parade was filled with superheros, villains, and costumes you'd never expect. I loved the first grader wearing his three-dimensional sun costume. It was pretty clever!





    Rain was expected that evening, so as soon as we were home with Madeline, Jackson picked the pumpkin we were going to carve and drew its face. It was small, and took very little time, which made getting to the main event very easy. We dressed in our costumes and were out the door by six.


    Madeline spent the evening with friends watching the original "Night of the Living Dead", while Jackson and I had an abbreviated trick-or-treat outing. Some of the decorations went from campy to creepy once the sun set, and he didn't care for it at all. Since it was getting cold I was perfectly fine with returning home and slipping into cozy pajamas.


    And that was exactly what we did. Shannon inspected the loot while we cleaned and snuggled up, then we both enjoyed a sweet treat as the night came to an end. Eventually the rain did fall, but we were all lucky to be snug under our covers for the night. The next morning I woke up to look at some pictures and prepare to grab my mother from the airport. I love looking at this picture of Jackson. He may have been wearing his mask, but you can see his eyes scrunched up in a smile.

    It was a good Halloween. Memories were made, candy was enjoyed, good sleep was had by all. I guess that begs the question: are you ready to usher in the season of Thanksgiving?

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    Halloween Hijinks

    Ruth said...

    He is adorable. I am glad it was a wonderful holiday.

    Lynda Pringle said...

    Great photos! I love Jackson's costume. Glad your Halloween was fun. :-)