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    Our Thanksgiving

    Friday, November 28, 2014


    The house is quiet. Jackson is quietly playing with his trains. The coffee has finished brewing, and I am finally able to sit down with a cup and look at pictures from last night. We had a very fun time.


    Since moving to California, our Thanksgiving has become something of an extravaganza. Shannon has co-workers from different countries, and as they are unable to visit their families, we open our home to them. Tpically we host between 20-25 people~and that includes our family and my parents.

    They are glad to be included, and for me, it's always nice to meet the people that work with my husband. Year after year familiar faces reappear, but a few new ones pop in as well. Jackson has a blast entertaining his "friends", while Madeline has reached an age where she can join in the adult conversations and easily hold her own. Did I mention that she has officially become part of the prep line? Madeline has a gift for seasoning a turkey and makes a mean gravy. This year she passed on her knowledge to one of our guests who adores it, and he left with an entire container.



    Due to the number of guests, we keep our Thanksgiving very casual. The table is set up buffet style and we have drink and dessert stations. Wine and champagne flow as freely as conversation, and the sound we hear most is laughter. We earned quite a bit this year with the name tags we handed out, but they help our new guests (and me).





    Ultimately we wind down towards the 10 o'clock hour and everyone drives off with hearty portions of leftovers. The day ends on a very good note. We are all full and happy. The lights are turned off, the dishes get cleaned, then the few left awake sit down in the dimly lit den and drink coffee while we ruminate over the day.

    I say every year that this year's Thanksgiving was the best, but it's going to be said again. Everyone is in great spirits, nice as can be, and the food~the food! How could yesterday not be pretty much perfect?

    Friends, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely day giving thanks with those closest to you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and if you're shopping today, be safe. Stay tuned for our transition into Christmas. It really is the most marvelous time of the year!

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    Our Thanksgiving

    Ruth said...

    I am glad y'all had an amazing day. I enjoyed mine quietly at home.