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    A Mother-Daughter Christmas

    Sunday, December 21, 2014


    One of the things I continue to be thankful for are my daughter's friends. Even though they're a pretty diverse group, they're all very focused, hard-working, and incredibly sweet. Yesterday, one of the girls and her mother hosted a wonderful Mother-Daughter Christmas party. It was a what everyone needed after the end of the year craziness: good friends, delicious treats, and Christmas fun. While the mothers chatted over mimosa's, delicious hot apple cider, and oogled the hot chocolate bar, the girls personalized hot chocolate mugs and were given the most adorable hot chocolate snowmen to go with them. Then they played with holiday accessories.






    But the best part, in my opinion, happened when we all sat down in the great room. We had our food, we had our girls, and we had each brought a gift or two so we could play White Elephant. This will sounds crazy, but we'd never played before. My husband has, my friends have, but Madeline and I were total novices. Thankfully, we had no trouble finding a silly item (a desktop drum set covered in red glitter). The laughs were plenty and though we had to encourage the girls to take items from one another, eventually they got over it and began grabbing like pros. It was hilarious! Madeline ended up with a tea pot and caddy, which was just perfect for her, and everyone seemed happy with their White Elephant loot.




    The afternoon was over far too soon, but it really filled us with the spirit of the season. When surrounded by good friends in the comfort of a warm, welcoming home, how could we not? Thank you Karen and Anna for being such wonderful hostesses. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and wish all of you the best during Christmastime and beyond. Madeline and I are thankful for the gift of your friendship! Merry Christmas and thanks again for a lovely afternoon.


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    A Mother-Daughter Christmas

    Ruth said...

    What a fun time.