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    Scenes from the Christmas House

    Tuesday, December 23, 2014


    Every year it feels as if Christmastime is growing shorter and shorter. I suppose I could put my decorations up earlier, but the season seems to lose some of its meaning when you give the prior one the bum's rush. This December has been filled, and we've all been pretty much living off of a calendar of events. It's made me realize that we all need to slow down and put the calendar away (especially since decorating became something of an afterthought until last week). And we did. The past couple of days have been purposefully slow and easy. There has been intention behind our quieter moments. I even pulled out the camera and during a walk around the house, captured my favorite moments of Christmas cheer. Hope y'all enjoy!








    Pops of red, packages tied up with satin ribbons, simple, happy moments. Looking back at the pictures you see here (and the ones you don't!), it feels as if we've had a pretty good Christmas season. But the reality is that until we had the intention of easing up, we didn't do it. It's a lesson we learned a little late this year, but it definitely makes these "now" moments all the more precious. Merry, merry y'all! I'll see you on Christmas Eve.

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...in a house with children.

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    Scenes from the Christmas House

    Ruth said...

    Everything looks amazing.