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    Fifteen & Fun: A Birthday Story

    Sunday, May 10, 2015


    It's been four months since I last wrote, and it seemed that the best way to herald a return would be with a fun, light-hearted celebration. Madeline's 15th birthday party seemed to fit the bill to a "T". She's a girl who knows what she likes, and knew an outdoor movie night would be very enjoyable for her friends. It had been such a hit the year before we already had our game plan mapped out. We even had the benefit of what drawbacks to expect with the cold Southern California night air.

    After invitations went out, we let Madeline set the tone and steer the direction of her gathering. There was the benefit of time (even with an unexpected change of plans) and movies to consider, and in the end she decided on "Back to the Future". We knew we would have a busy day as we prepared, but nothing we couldn't handle. That's what team work and wine is for, right? By the time the party day rolled around everything was set. Pizza, cupcakes, a hot chocolate bar, a movie, and glo-sticks...all were simple touches our daughter asked for, and as most of us know, simplicity makes for less stress and more happiness. Spending the evening with a large group of dear friends just added to it in spades.

    Enjoy some of the pictures from Madeline's fun evening, and thank you for all the warm birthday wishes you sent her way. You're all amazingly wonderful!










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    Fifteen & Fun: A Birthday Story

    Ruth said...

    It looks like a blast. I can't believe she has turned 15. And I love the look on Shannon's face in the picture with Jaxs.